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  • Welcome to SANITAS Hospital.

    SANITAS Hospital is a modern private health provider in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Our aim is to "Keep Africa Healthy" by providing top class facilities, a full range of medical services and medical professionals with the latest technology, at a price affordable to all.

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    We currently have one major hospital facility a Satellite Clinic. Our hospital is in Mikocheni on Mwai Kibaki Road and our Kigamboni branch clinic is in Kibaoni.

    Please check out the links for more information o n our clinics and services. We hope that we can be of service to you.

    Karibuni Sana!
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    SANITAS Hospital is at 168 Mwai Kibaki Road in Mikocheni (just across from Saverios/Soma Biblia.

    If coming by dalla dalla, take the Kawe bus, they will stop at SANITAS or the closest bus stop is just 100 metres down the road (Warioba).

    SANITAS Hospital is inside Baraka Plaza, enter at the north of the building via the lift, or the centre of the building passing TSN supermarket and taking the stairs to level 1.
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    SANITAS Hospital is open 24 hours a day every day of the year, we never close!
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    please call the Hospital through the main reception on 0688 863035.
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    For all basic enquries and non-urgent information, please email us on

    Find your way to SANITAS Hospital:

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    Reception - At SANITAS we have a reception in most departments and in every clinic, so that you don't have to stand in very long queues and you can get the right information from the people who know best.
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    Health Insurance - SANITAS Hospital accepts your health insurance cards. We accept; STRATEGIS | AAR | RESOLUTION | METROPOLITAN | BUPA | AETNA | NOW | NHIF | NSSF | JUBILEE | GMC/HENNER and more.
    Please be aware that whilst we accept your card, we can only provide the services that your card allows. All Insurance card transactions must complete the correct paperwork and undergo validation from your insurance company before your visit can proceed. We apologise if this is any inconvenience.
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    Nurses - At SANITAS Hospital each health area has a dedicated team of nurses who are there for your comfort and can assist you in emergencies, minor treatments and any minor health queries whilst you wait for your consultation.
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    Specialists - SANITAS Hospital has specialist doctors in almost every medical field you may require. If we don't have them on staff, we have them on rotation and you can certainly see a specialist of your choice at SANITAS. Please check out these links for more on our doctors and specialists.
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    Super Surgeons - SANITAS Hospital has seen a need in Tanzania for a variety of surgical solutions that are just not available here, either because the correctly skilled surgeons do not exist here or there is only one or two and getting their services can be difficult. At SANITAS we bring internationally renowned super specialist surgeons in a range of fields on a regular basis. These surgeons can use our facilities to conduct your surgery and you get to recover at home surrounded by family and friends. See more here about our visiting Super specialists.
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    Laboratory - SANITAS Hospital is very proud of our Diagnostic departments and particularly our Laboratory which we consider second to none. Our Labatory can do almost any test for you and in most cases you will recieve the results on the same day. We are always improving and expanding our laboratory capacity to make sure we have the very best diagnostics available to you and your doctors. Find out more about our Laboratory here in our servicessection.
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    Radiology - SANITAS Hospital seeks to provide fast and efficient answers for your health issues and our Radiology and Sonography department is key to this. Our Radiology team are dedicated to getting you the answers you need in comfort and good time. Please check out our services link to find out more about our Radiology dept.
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    Pharmacy- SANITAS Hospital has its own pharmacy and all of our branch clinics have a pharmacy for your convenience, so there is no delay between your diagnosis and begining treatment. See more on our pharmacies in our services section. here.
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    Dental Clinic- At SANITAS Hospital we have our own Dental Clinic which operates 6 days a week and can offer you a full range of dental services from basic tooth care and repair and also reconstructive and elective dental procedures. Find out more about our Dental clinic here.
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    Children's Clinic- At SANITAS Hospital we have dedicated specific areas to high demand specialities. Child health is one of those specialities and our Children's Clinic is very special. Here you will find experienced Paediatricians and medical staff dedicated to the wellbeing of your children, in an environment where you can commune with other parents and the children have distractions from their illness. See more on our Children's Clinic here.
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    Women's Clinic- At SANITAS Hospital we have dedicated specific areas to high demand specialities like mother and child health. Our Women's Clinic is a place just for women and their specialists. An area away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the hospital where women can seek professional medical care and guidance for their particular health issues. See more on our Women's Clinic here.
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    Dialysis and Renal Rehabilitation Centre- At SANITAS Hospital we have a unit dedicated to Dialysis treatments and renal health monitoring and rehabilitation. Here you will find modern Fresenius Dialysis machines, expert technicians and all the assistance and information you need to get your kidney disease under control. See more on our Dialysis Centre here.
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    Physio Clinic- At SANITAS Hospital we have a unit dedicated to Physiotherapy treatments, as a compliment to our surgical and orthopaedic specialists. The Physio clinic is also open to the public and you can seek direct appointments there for whatever physio treatment you require. The Physio Clinic is run by professional physiotherapists and open 7 days a week. More on our Physio Clinic here.
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    SANITAS Hospital also has branches in private industries and one Satellite clinic open to everyone, located in Kigamboni(See information on Kigamboni clinic here).
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  • Read some of the publication write ups about SANITAS:

    SANITAS write up 2014 (PDF 198kb)

    SANITAS write up 2013 (PDF 176kb)


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SANITAS Accepts:

  • Strategis Insurance
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Resolution Insurance
  • Now Health International
  • AAR Health Insurance
  • Aetna International
  • Metropolitan Insurance
  • Bupa Insurance
  • GMC/ Henner Insurance
  • NHIF Card
  • NSSF card

Please note that whilst SANITAS accepts all of the above insurance provider cards, the services that we can offer you are bound by the stipulations of your own policy. Please see our Health Insurance Disclaimer.

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